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America Vs. Obama 2012

Anonymous said: You want abortion to be illegal, correct? What should be the crime if an illegal abortion takes place?

no. I don’t want abortion to be illegal. 

Anonymous said: do you answer all messages?

No i don’t. I get way too many messages to answer them all. I’m sorry, but i try to answer as many as i can. 

Anonymous said: LOVE THIS BLOG! Honestly, it's nice to see that in a sea of liberal first year college students you believe they're entitled to everything under the sun, there are still people who think with more than just the part of their brain that wants everything for free.

thank you!:) That’s when a country goes downhill. When people realize they can vote for free stuff.

jeremy-barnes said: Where is the cut off for abortion? Every time I or another man masturbates, I am killing hundreds of thousands of millions of potential children. Same when a woman gets her period. So does it stop when the sperm enters the egg? Or when sperm just enters the vagina in general? Abortion is not killing a living child. If it is, then I kill millions of children every year. And every woman kills 12 kids a year. If I can choose to masturbate, women should be able to choose to have an abortion.

Life begins at conception. 

Anonymous said: Don't like cigarettes? Don't smoke them. Smoking kills. That's proven! But the government doesn't tell me I can or cannot smoke! See the problem with YOUR logic?

uhm no, but i see a lot of problems with your logic. Or lack there of… 

I don’t understand what you’re trying to say here…

ismybuttfat said: How do you feel about Paul Ryan?

I think he’s great.